Our 200 hour training program is open to experienced yoga students of All Levels. Build a strong foundation for your own yoga practice, deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy and lifestyle, and develop the tools needed to share yoga with others!

Next Training Begins Winter 2020


Hear what past participants have said about the New Vibe Yoga Teacher Training Program:

“I really enjoyed the books that were assigned for reading, and felt that the common theme between most of them was the pursuit of well-being and spirituality... The training has helped me … to redefine yoga and expectations of what the ‘yogic experience’ can be. In a way, I feel relieved to better know now that yoga can be a multitude of experiences beyond a physical aspect.”

“I have more of an understanding of the lineage, a better understanding of the breathing, and I’m literally just physically stronger. The course also helped me confront some lifestyle choices I had been making, and since making those adjustments I’m able to practice more fully.”

“I feel less attached (now) to getting the next pose … and more focused on breathing ... Also, I’m more open to less asana and many other ways to practice Ashtanga yoga. Not that I don’t love asana! However, I’m softer with my practice and myself and open to more things like pranayama.”

“The training was like being on a yoga retreat…. [over the course] I realized that what the practice offers has little to do with alignment or postural work. It’s not about accumulation of knowledge either. The training gave me the opportunity to have an authentic dialogue with my most true self. And that true self can be reached only by crossing … boundaries and looking at (what) I’ve been hiding not just from other people, but also from myself.”