The Art of Handstand
with visiting Ashtanga Teacher Hanne Sydanmaa of Helsinki, Finland

Saturday & Sunday, December 16th & 17th
12noon - 2:00pm

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This workshop is suitable to practitioners of all levels, even if you haven't tried handstand before. Join Hanne for an exploration of the Handstand, both on its own and applied in Ashtanga Yoga Practice. We will learn different techniques to solidify this challenging posture. We will start our exploration laying down, activating the core muscles and body gently. Here we will look at basic alignment principles, building proper foundation with planks and lengthening exercises. We will gradually build up to practicing handstands on the wall, and for those looking to explore more, free standing handstands without wall support. Working with each student at their individual level, this workshop will offer students a set of tools to practice on their own and develop their core strength and handstand.


Hanne Sydanmaa took her first yoga class while studying dance in New York in the turn of the Century. She traveled to Mysore, South India in 2001 to study Ashtanga yoga with Guruji, Sri K Pattabhi Jois and continued to study there annually. She was blessed with Guruji’s permission to teach in 2004 and received Ashtanga Level 2 authorization in Sharath’s first teacher training 2009. She also holds the Sivananda Yoga teaching certification.

Later Hanne got into learning the art of handstands from professional circus performers out of whom her most important teacher is Yuval Ayalon. She also continues to study dance, ballet and anatomy in New York and Helsinki.

Hanne is a resident teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki, and has taught a wide range of students at various levels including top athletes and seniors. She emphasizes the importance of each body's anatomical functioning and individuality, nurturing the presence of strength and happiness.

“Body is the temple of the soul.”



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