Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a beginner student, what class should I attend?

Beginner students should attend the Mysore Class or the Beginners Led Class.


Why are the Mysore classes so long?

The Mysore style is an individual practice done in a group setting. Students can arrive at any time during the class session and do their practice at their own pace. While the session may be 3-5 hours long, student’s practices will last only 35-90 minutes.


Do I need to know the Ashtanga sequence in order to come to class?

You do not need to know anything about Ashtanga or even have practiced yoga before to come to class. Actually, the best way to learn Ashtanga is to start from the beginning and develop your practice gradually under the guidance of a teacher.


I have never done Yoga, are the classes at New Vibe Yoga suitable for me?

Yes! Because we teach each student individually in the Mysore Classes, you will always be working at your own pace. Complete beginners will work one on one with a teacher to develop a safe yoga practice.


Do I need to bring a mat?

We offer complementary shared mats for visiting students. Members are required to have their own mats which we store free of charge at the studio.


Do you have showers?

We do have a shower.


I have been attending led ashtanga/primary series classes and want to learn the Mysore style. What should I do?

Just come to any Mysore class, and the teacher will work with you one on one. You will likely start from the beginning and the teacher will help you build up your practice gradually, memorizing the sequence as you go so you can become increasingly independent in your practice.


I have been practicing Vinyasa Yoga, is Ashtanga right for me?

Ashtanga Yoga is a Vinyasa practice. Most contemporary Vinyasa classes are rooted in the Ashtanga System. If you currently enjoy the Vinyasa style, you will likely find Ashtanga appealing.


I have an injury or chronic condition. Can I start an Ashtanga Practice?  Should I still practice with injury?

Yes. Because students are taught individually in the Mysore Class, a practice can be developed even with injury or chronic condition. Often, Yoga practice will aid in the healing process. Inform the teacher of your injury or condition before beginning your practice.

Generally, it is beneficial to continue an established practice when you have an injury. Inform the teacher about your injury and we will help you to modify your practice to aid in the healing process.


If I don't have time to do my full practice, should I still come?

Yes. It's best to come and do whatever you are able. Even 20 minutes of yoga practice will yield positive benefits. As little as Sun Salutations and finishing postures constitutes a complete practice.


I want to try Ashtanga at New Vibe Yoga. Can I come to class and then decide after class whether I want to become a member?

Yes. After your first class, you can decide if you want to pay for a drop-in ($20), an introductory month for new students ($75).


What form of Payment is Preferred?

Students can pay at the studio by Cash or Credit Card. Classes can also be purchased online HERE.


Do you offer work/study opportunities?

Yes, we do. Please inquire in person at the studio.


How many days a week should I practice?

This will depend on the student but it is ideal to practice a minimum of at least three days a week. Traditionally, Ashtanga Yoga is practiced 6 days a week, with one day for rest.


Should I eat before I practice?

It is best not to eat for at least three hours before practicing. If you are practicing in the morning, it is recommended to practice before eating breakfast. If you are practicing in the evening, it is recommended to eat a light lunch early in the day, and then abstain from eating between lunch and your practice. Also, in most circumstances, you should not drink water or any other liquids during your practice.


I am sick. Should I still practice?

Generally, yes. Practicing while you are sick may help speed the recovery process. If you have a fever, though, it is usually recommended that you refrain from practice until your temperature has returned to normal.


I have my period. Should I still practice?

Menstruation helps to cleanse and re-balance your system each month, and asana practice can interfere with this important process. This is because menstruation is governed by apana vatu, which involves the flow of energy downward and outward, and asana practice, especially the engagement of the bandhas, is about moving energy upwards. For this reason, it is traditionally recommended that women abstain from asana practice when they are menstruating, at least for the first or heaviest 2-3 days of the cycle.

You may want to make additional modifications to your practice at this time of the month in order to support your body's natural cleansing processes; you can discuss this with the teacher.



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